Frequently asked questions

About the awards

What are the Scope Disability Equality Awards?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations who are campaigning for disability equality, challenging attitudes and bringing about social change.

Who won the Scope Disability Equality Awards 2024?

When will the Awards open for nominations again?

  •  Nominations will reopen later in the year. 

Who can enter the awards?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards are open to disabled and non-disabled nominees. We want to hear from equality champions who are paving the way. You can nominate yourself, a friend, a family member or an organisation – anyone who is working to end disability inequality.
  • The 2024 Awards took place on 25 April.

Following the feedback Scope received after the 2022 awards, what did you change about this year’s awards?

We have taken steps to prioritise and champion the diversity of the disabled community. These include:

  • Adding equality, diversity and inclusion to our core shortlisting and judging criteria.
  • Improving the diversity of our shortlisting panels and judging panels.
  • Being clear about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the guidance we give to the panel and judges.
  • Amending the nominations criteria to ensure the judging process isn’t biased towards nominees with a bigger platform.
  • Making changes to support more people to make nominations. These include publishing the judging criteria, providing examples and guidance and offering email and telephone support.
  • Ensuring our judges are offered payment for their work.
  • Working with an external access consultant to ensure the awards are as accessible to as many people as possible at every stage.

Choosing the winners

How were the winners chosen?

Each category was shortlisted by an internal panel. The panel reviewed the nominations against the three key judging criteria:

  • Creativity 
  • Impact  
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The winners were chosen from the shortlist by an independent judging panel with a range of expertise in different areas.

Who was on the judging panel?

  • We have an independent panel of disabled judges from a range of industries and with varied experiences.
  • Find out more about our judges in 2024 here.


What if I need any of the information in another format?

  • To request information in an alternative format, such as an easy read or in braille, you can email