Frequently asked questions

About the awards

What are the Scope Disability Equality Awards?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards celebrates the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations who are campaigning for disability equality, challenging attitudes and bringing about social change.

Who can enter the awards?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards are open to disabled and non-disabled nominees. We want to hear from equality champions who are paving the way. You can nominate yourself, a friend, a family member or an organisation – anyone who is working to end disability inequality.
  • Nominations for the 2024 Awards are now closed.

What are the categories?

  • There are 9 categories overall.
    • Campaign
    • Accessible Product
    • Inclusive Workplace
    • Media Moment
    • Journalist
    • Role Model
    • Influencer
    • Community Group
    • Purple Pioneer

Following the feedback Scope received after the 2022 awards, what are you changing about this year’s awards?

We are taking steps to prioritise and champion the diversity of the disabled community. These include:

  • Adding equality, diversity and inclusion to our core shortlisting and judging criteria.
  • Improving the diversity of our shortlisting panels and judging panels.
  • Being clear about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the guidance we give to the panel and judges.
  • Amending the nominations criteria to ensure the judging process isn’t biased towards nominees with a bigger platform.
  • Making changes to support more people to make nominations. These include publishing the judging criteria, providing examples and guidance and offering email and telephone support.
  • Ensuring our judges are offered payment for their work.
  • Working with an external access consultant to ensure the awards are as accessible to as many people as possible at every stage.


We are excited to deliver a better and more inclusive Awards in 2024.

Choosing the winners

How are the winners chosen?

Each category is shortlisted by an internal panel. The panel will review the nominations against the three key judging criteria:

  • Creativity 
  • Impact  
  • Diversity and Inclusion 

The winners will be chosen from the shortlist by an independent judging panel with a range of expertise in different areas.

Who is on the judging panel?

  • We have an independent panel of disabled judges from a range of industries and with varied experiences.
  • Find out more about our judges here.

When will you announce the winners?

  • The winners will be announced at the Scope Disability Equality Awards ceremony on 25 April 2024

The awards ceremony

Where will the ceremony take place?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards ceremony will be held on Thursday 25 April 2024, at the Kia Oval, London.

How much is it to attend the ceremony?

  • The ceremony is free to attend for all online and in-person attendees.

Can anyone attend the ceremony?

  • Invited guests will be able to attend the awards ceremony in person if they want to. This includes the shortlisted nominees and their guests.
  • The awards will be free and open to everyone to watch via an online livestream. 

Is there a dress code for the ceremony?

  • There is no formal dress code.
  • You may dress up if you choose to, but we want the ceremony to be comfortable for everyone.

When will nominees receive their invites?

  • Invitations will be sent in early 2024. 

What if I’m invited, but I can’t attend the ceremony in person?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards is a hybrid event.  
  • Invited guests who do not want to or cannot attend in person can join the free online live stream. Award winners are welcome to join us online and accept their award from home if they want to. 
  • By joining the live stream, you’ll be able to watch the event and celebrate with us in real time. 
  • There will be live captioning, audio description and a BSL interpreter throughout the hybrid event. 

What are you doing to make the event covid-safe?

We know that Covid-19 is an important consideration for the disabled community. We’re taking a number of steps to reduce the risk at our Awards but cannot remove it entirely.  

That’s one of the reasons why the Awards will be a hybrid event. We have planned both virtual and in-person attendance to be cohesive and engaging. The livestream is a full multi-camera production. Winners and presenters have the option to join in person or from home. 

For anyone attending in person, please follow the below Covid-19 safety information. 

  • If you have tested positive for Covid-19, please stay at home and attend by livestream. 
  • If you have even mild symptoms of a respiratory infection on the day of the event, please stay at home and attend by livestream. 
  • Consider wearing a face covering if you can. We will not be enforcing face coverings for accessibility reasons. Please respect that not everyone can wear a mask.  
  • Please use hand sanitising stations throughout the venue and wash your hands regularly. 

The venue we have selected is large and we will not be filling it to capacity. This will improve ventilation and allow guests to be spaced far apart.    

As a face-to-face event we cannot eradicate all risk. Sections of the venue are open to the public and venue staff not associated with Scope’s event. There will also be suppliers and contractors on site.    

We cannot control for other elements of guests’ attendance – such as public transport, or accommodation.  

We encourage people to enjoy the awards in the way that suits them best. 


What if I need any of the information in another format?

  • To request information in an alternative format, such as an easy read or in braille, you can email

Will the Scope Disability Equality Awards be an accessible event?

  • The Scope Disability Equality Awards were launched in 2022 and were co-designed with disabled people in the form of our co-production steering group. This group advised us on accessibility. This learning will help us ensure that the venue and the livestream are accessible to as many people as possible. 
  • We are working with an external access consultant with both lived experience and expertise.
  • Invited guests will be asked for their accessibility requirements and we will ensure that we provide these. 
  • There will be live captioning, audio description and a BSL interpreter throughout the hybrid event.